Caroline Cammack

I am all things creative. As a child, I moved from one realm to another---art, singing, writing, dancing and acting. I could never really make up my mind which path to follow. Too bad that the real world intervened, and I realized that I had to find a career that was at least, practical. Over time, I narrowed the field to fashion design and interior design, which I engaged in for around 30 years. However, it was not always easy in either of those fields; thus, when one would start to slide, I could rely on the other. If both suffered, due to the economy, I would find another way to survive. When I tell people that I have a checkered past, they divert their eyes, but, quickly, I explain that I have had many different types of jobs in the creative arts. They are, then, relived to know that I am not a convicted felon. Whew!


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