" Albina Urbanek

" Albina URBANEK

Location: France


I came to France in 2011. 
My native country Russia offered me a rich international culture, thanks to which I express my feelings and my emotions through fine arts.

I was born in a small town of the Repablic Bashkortostan in Russia in 1967. I loved drawing since childhood. I also received musical education that gave me emotional sensitivity and helps me create the music in my paintings.
My Tatar roots played an initial role in my artistic training. My grandmother and my mother taught me how to create: sewing clothes, knitting, decorating. Tatars rich colors in national clothes, house decoration and handicrafts pushed the sense of colors in all my artwork.

My arrival in Paris further enriched my artistic knowledge and confirmed my ability and my desire to create. I joined several painting workshops such as Paris City Hall Fine Arts workshops and the Carrousel Decorative Arts. I also work in stained-glass and ceramics workshops. It brings me new ideas for my artistic work.

I am a self-made artist. My professional life had nothing to do with art. I was an auditor, studied economics in the Aviation University in Russia. At the time, Art was my free space.

Over the years, I studied and improved many complementary fields such as drawing, watercolor, pastel. In more recent years, oil and acrylic painting have been my main medium.

I rather work in the figurative style through landscapes, still-lives, portraits and other compositions.
Through portraits, I try to demonstrate human emotions depth. I like to seek and deliver human beauty in their true feelings. This work fills me fully and makes me happy.

Over the years I exhibited in various art shows and galleries.
Exhibitions :
Académie Internationale l’Ecole de la Loire (AIEL) – Several exhibitions at L'Orangerie du Château de Beauregard, 41120 Cellettes,
Société des Artistes Indépendants - "ART CAPITAL" Several exhibitions at Grand Palais, avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 75008 Paris,
Sociéte Nationale des Beaux-Arts - "Salons des Beaux-Arts" Several exhibitions at Carrousel du Louvre, 75001 PARIS,
Le Cactus bar & gallery in the heart of Paris dwelled several of my exhibitions

Prizes :
Interpretation 2014 Prize with AIEL for the watercolor "My hat"
Historical landscapes 2016 Prize AIEL for the oil painting "Château de Chantilly"