Location: France

Nathalie Jacquounain was born and raised in Soviet Russia, Saint Petersburg. She began serious art studies at age of 10, then at the National Academy of Fine Arts. In 1973 she graduated as scenographer from the National Academy of Theater and Cinematography. Raised in admiration of the art and history of France, she moved there in 1980, where she worked for a year at the artist's studio Yankel at the National School of Fine Arts of Paris, then studied at the University of Paris 7 Jussieu and obtained a DEA in communication.
Jacquounain has published several articles on the theory of art in a journal "Schéma et schematization".
She commissioned a 2m x 12m mosaic decorative mural on the theme of ecology in public space in Créteil and a 1m50 high sculpture on the theme of diversity for the Cultural Center in Créteil.
Jacquounain had 14 personal exhibitions (including 11 in France) and she participated in numerous group exhibitions and salons.


False reality

The very personal style of Nathalie Jacquounain presents figures that fit the limits of humanity, in that real and dreamlike boundary, characterized by anthropomorphic or celestial beings. It is no coincidence that the artist chooses to give a face to objects like in Miroir, a city like in Venise or a star (this is the case of Sirius - l'etoile du chien) connoting these creatures with a marked stroke and soft colors as if to look precisely for that reading key that outlines and defines exactly the boundary between one world and another.

Salvo Nugnes Curator of exhibitions and major events