Alan Mazzetti

Following successful freelance careers in Graphic Design and Illustration, Alan Mazzetti began exhibiting his Fine Art paintings in 1996. "Design taught me to reduce a concept or image to its most essential form. Then, with Illustration, I learned to capture a moment and form a narrative. I apply this abstracted, iconographic approach to my paintings as well."
He has gallery representation within and outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives and works, and is included in International collections.
Bodies of work include both Abstracts - the latest being the "Timescape" Series - and more recent Landscapes. Further work and information can be found on his website:



Making an image of something is a deeply fulfilling way of understanding it. This body of work began with the realization that I was constantly passing through scenery - in some cases for most of my life - that I had not interpreted visually. By re-presenting it as a painting, I began to observe and appreciate it more fully: to really see it. Though based on specific places, my painting process abstracts the image, making it open to interpretation and more accessible to the viewer. A personal experience becomes a universal one, so both painter and viewer experience the scene in a new way.

Temporary Heaven “Temporary Heaven”

48"x30" Acrylic on wood panel

Crossing “Crossing”

48"x48" Acrylic on wood panel. I try to use the media in a way that recapitulates the subject. This piece is all about "wet".

Dust “Dust”

While most of my work is based on California scenes, some is Southwestern.
This is 20"x16"

Familiar Ways “Familiar Ways”

20"x16". One of many vineyard depictions.

Being There, Doing This “Being There, Doing This”

20"x16" Based on the farmland around Salinas CA. I've driven between Santa Barbara and San Francisco most of my life, and this area inspired my first Landscapes.

Puzzling Evidence “Puzzling Evidence”

Another Southwestern piece, from Red Rock, Nevada. 20"x16"

A Fine Line “A Fine Line”

Napa Valley doing its best impression of Italy. 20"x18"

High & Low “High & Low”

24"x24" Vineyard. I try to make my titles reflect both the image and the painting process. In addition to the flatland/mountain depiction, the title here reflects my layering process resulting in multiple levels of paint between clear layers of acrylic.

Coming Together “Coming Together”

10" square - an interesting problem is keeping the style and mark-making consistent at 10" or 60"

Easy Going “Easy Going”

40" square, acrylic on canvas.

Working Together “Working Together”

16" square, acrylic on panel. Based on one of many photos taken "together" at an especially beautiful canyon in the Santa Ynez mountains.

Perfect Together “Perfect Together”

10" x 10" acrylic on canvas.

The Way It Is “The Way It Is”

At 60" square, my largest landscape so far. Acrylic on canvas.

Standing Still “Standing Still”

48"x30" Red Rock again, where the ancient mountains are still standing and the clouds, time, and I were briefly standing still.

Temporary Heaven “Temporary Heaven”

A 10"x8" version of the same scene depicted in the 40" piece. An idyllic little valley behind the hills in Santa Barbara.