Carol Kingsley

Venezuelan artist of british descent.
I have been to the Amazon several times and I am fascinated with the light that filters through these impressively tall trees. It's a different kind of light. I try to transfer the color with the feeling of one with nature that I feel.
The world is beutiful!!! ever changing!!!! I also paint the ocean and nature in general.



These are cell under the microscope. They change according to our moods and emotions, some cause naturally by feeling and others by man made drugs. When I first saw this was fascinated by it and began making them art.

V Cell “V Cell”

Acrylic on paper 18x24

C Cell “C Cell”

acrylic on paper 18x24 Cell on Caaffeine

H Cell “H Cell”

Cell on Heroine acrylic on paper 18x24

C Cell I “C Cell I”

Cell on crack acrylic on paper 18x24

H Cell “H Cell”

Happy cell acrylic on paper 18x24

Asperger Min “Asperger Min”

acrylic on paper 18x24

Blue I “Blue I”

acrylic on paper 18x24

Va - Cell “Va - Cell”

Cell on Valium acrylic on paper 18x24

G Virus “G Virus”

A good virus is one that can untangle