Jacqueline Domin

jacqueline domin

Location: France

Jacqueline Domin, French born in Paris.
Self-taught naturalist art photographer.
Winner of many prizes for the pictorial beauty of her photographs.

She lives in Italy where she teaches breathing based relaxation and meditation techniques.
Her photographs are the result and consequence of long and slow meditations "en plein air". Domin's are contemplative shots, shots that participate in the creative and creative energy lavished by nature.

“My photographs are neither digital nor processed on the computer. I use two simple (and somewhat old) analog cameras: one underwater and the other not. Both with film and without flash, as I only use natural light.
During the photo shoots I address or hold my breath (guided breath) according to the mobility or immobility of the photographed subject. In doing so I do not use the stand. In some places I practice meditation that allows me to get more in touch with what surrounds me.
I pay great attention to the light, wonderful revealing, welcoming the moment of glory that light creates.
The imprint of the sky is in every thing and place, and water in all its manifestations and transformations guards this memory.
All born from Her, without sin, from the first essential baptism.
Nature is animated, has an internal purpose, a project, part of a whole that is transformed. "
"Water, source of life, is always present in my photographs"


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