Raimund Denscherz

Raimund Denscherz

Location: Austria

Artistic career:

I have always been interested in art but in my early years it was more like visiting museums
until I started in 1996 with pencil and charcoal drawings. Mainly surreal but also nudes.
I was inspired by artists like M.C. Escher, Dali but also Niki de saint phalle's sculptures .
Around 1998 first works with acrylic colours were added.
Painted still predominantly Surreales and nude until I found myself in the abstract painting.
A little later I started to experiment more and more with different materials (putty, wood, paper, coffee brew, styrofoam-> sands, earths and lichens which I took with me from my hikes or travels), i.e. to let them flow into my works.
My theme was mainly the "nature and its facets / how man deals with nature".
later and until today I am mainly inspired by satellite pictures of the earth whose colourfulness seems inexhaustible and is possible.

I also let first pigments flow into the works, also ink and finally came to rub oil, acryl, casein paints and rust became a theme.
Lichens, wood, rust are all signs of the ephemeral in my paintings.
My favourite colours are red and cobalt turquoise.
One of the two colours is used in almost every painting, mainly cobalt turquoise.

My current theme "Connectedness, connections"
actually refers to an essential theme of how we are to each other from "man to man" to "continent to continent", "man to nature
We need to create positive bonds for a humane relationship with each other.

I would like to inspire the viewer of my paintings to look a little bit closer in order to "love" something for himself, which can also be taken outside and implemented in nature.

"who looks more exactly
is interested in
and who is interested
nature, man, cannot push away"

Raimund Denscherz


Connecting people 1

Title: Connecting people 1
Dimensions: 60x70 cm
Year: 2017
Technique: spatula technique, Oil, Acrylic paints, Tuscan earth
on canvas
Two walls connected by a ribbon to protect them from decay.
and to strengthen them.
Peaceful future only works through connecting bridges, ribbons and acceptance,
forgive oneself

Lebensader 1 (Lifeline)

Title: Lifeline 1
Dimensions:60x80 cm
Year: 2012
mixed media, ink, casein glue, acrylic, marble powder on canvas

Connecting people 2

Title: Connecting people 2
Dimensions: 39x193 cm
Year: 2017
Technique: spatula technique, metal, copper on wood

The metals are of different lengths as signs of the different mentalities of this world.
The rust is supposed to represent the old established mentalities and cultures.

The 7 copper bands symbolize the 7 continents as a sign of the cooperation of the different peoples and cultures in order to arrive at global solutions. ( Building bridges, shake hands )

Protect it

Dimensions:100X80 cm
Year: 2011
mixed media, ink, pigments, quartz sand on canvas