Rasty Stone

Rasty Stone

Location: Germany

Born in 1964 in Endingen a / K. I started my artistic career in 1990 in the advertising and graphics industry. Here I gained my first professional experience in design and drawing. After successfully completing my art studies, my love for art has been with me since the late 1990s.

Through various study trips within Germany, I continued my education in workshops, seminars and malevents and with a wide variety of artists. I get inspiration for new motifs and techniques from my various foreign and study trips to Denmark, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and the Ukraine

An essential point in my individual development is the ability to autodidactically acquire a wide variety of techniques and then implement this in a wide range of different artistic styles.

Rasty Stone, real name, Ralf Stöcklin is an enduring and unshakable contemporary artist who does not want to be stylistically fixed. His works show that he generally prefers a strong and luminous palette. Rasty justifies this with the fact that colors can have a great influence on a person's mood, which he wants the viewer to feel incessantly.

Rasty needs the psychological challenge of painting, the smell of fresh paint and the feeling of brushes in his hand as the elixir of life.

His imagery is powerful and complex. In addition to the brush, he uses various utensils with which he experiments controllably when applying the paints. The bare hands are also often used. In this way Rasty finally balances the colors in the right position, which happens directly on the canvas. The combination of different painting techniques is characteristic of his image experiments. Released from the guidelines of the past, Rasty's pictures also reveal what the artist has always been about: “controlled explosion of color and form”.



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