Ulrich Wandelt

Ulrich Wandelt

Location: Austria

The artist Ulrich W. Wandelt, who lives in Austria (Styria / Leoben) and was born in Germany in 1956, began painting in early 2015.
From the beginning he was fascinated by the play with the colors.
From the very beginning, he experimented with a wide variety of media, and he already incorporated various art styles here.
Driven by his ambition, the artist quickly managed not only to create excellent works, but also to incorporate three-dimensional elements in some of his works.
He quickly realized that he had found his own distinctive style in painting.
The mixture of passion, profound thoughts and his many facets allow him to keep putting his works in a new light.
A characteristic of many of his works is the fusion of different styles into a complex, color-intensive unit. At the same time, bright color elements can be found in each of his works. In his view, they are an expression of a positive, peaceful and harmonious world.
The combination of geometric shapes, the color design and their three-dimensional representation as an overall picture captivate every viewer in their own way.

The artist Ulrich W. Wandelt received great recognition at his exhibitions in Rome, Florence, Miami and other international exhibition venues, whereby his works were described as extraordinary and unique.
Art critics often associate his works with the “avant-garde”, which emphasizes the importance of his work all the more.


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