Karssay Natália Constancia

Karssay Natália Constancia

Location: France

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved to dream and draw. She loved nature so much that she cried when the old apple tree was shaved in the garden. She wanted to draw everything leaf by leaf, tree by tree, grass by grass.

This girl ..., it was me.

I drew at my own pleasure but at my 18 years everything changed because the art of drawing and painting became a job, a vocation for me. My interest has widened but nature has always been a starting point for me.

I started my career as an illustrator: my mother is a writer and she chose me to illustrate her storybook. In my family, having artistic talent is not abnormal.

The hero of our first tale was a great success.

At the same time as my illustrator activities I was preparing to become a painter because oil painting has always impressed me. It’s an excellent material that opens up endless possibilities for the artist to express himself.

We moved to France (my mother and I) and my first exhibitions as a painter took place in France, more precisely in Biarritz.

Today I am creating oil paintings and making illustrations for my mother’s story books.

I use quality raw material for my oil paintings: Old Holland and Schminke Mussini oil colors and premium canvas. I apply varnish to protect my works.

More details:
Website: https://peintures.valois-karssay.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nataliakarssayc/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karssay-natalia-c


Oil paintings

My favorite subjects are landscapes, still lifes and scenes of life. I like to "populate" my landscapes with people: passers-by, people who are living their daily lives. I call these compositions figurative landscapes.
I use several thin layers to make my paintings, this method gives depth to the colors.
I protect my works by applying a varnish so that they will keep for centuries.

Peace and Abundance “Peace and Abundance”

A symbolic still life. The palm leaves extend over the pomegranates. The palm leaf has been the symbol of peace since ancient times and the pomegranate the symbol of abundance. The golden pomegranate is surrounded by fruits and flowers - like a treasure it means wealth not only material but also intellectual and spiritual.
Oil on canvas.
92 x 65 cm / 36.22 x 25.59 in
Currently exhibited in Biarritz.

Roses and Pearls “Roses and Pearls”

A hyperrealistic painting. Three roses, three colors on a dark warm background.
No need to add anything else, just look at it.
92 x 65 cm / 36.22 x 25.59 in
Currently exhibited in Biarritz.

The Little Florist Dog “The Little Florist Dog”

There are many pets that accompany their master and mistress to work and help them in daily life. This painting represents a florist dog who settles down every day in the threshold of the shop while observing the comings and goings of the street. He invites passers-by to enter and discover the varieties of flowers. He is an expert in flowers.
Oil on canvas.
54 x 65 cm / 21.25 x 25.59 in

Outdoor Portrait “Outdoor Portrait”

A portrait of a young woman after imagination.
Woman, nature and horse in perfect harmony.
Oil on canvas.
46 x 61 cm / 18.11 x 24 in

The Song of Cherry Flower “The Song of Cherry Flower”

A painting full of imagination. Do the flowers sing? Why not ? They probably have a lot to tell us about the sky, the wind and the sun. I had heard them, so I painted what they sang to me ...
A ceramic composition with cherry blossoms in the center and the atmosphere of their world around. Everything moves on this painting, the shapes and colors, the visible and invisible things.
The colors are bright but harmonious, a real source of energy.
Oil on canvas.
90 x 90 cm / 35.43 x 35.43 in
This painting will be exhibited digitally in Barcelona from March 18 to 22 at ARTBOX.PROJECT BARCELONA 1.0