Katlego Modiri

Short Statement: Introducing thought-provoking and personally moving artworks about self-introspection.

Statement and Bio: Katlego Modiri is a South Africa Contemporary Fine Artist who's specializes in Printmaking, Glass and Drawing. His career spans 10 years in the Art scene, since his graduation at the Tshwane University of Fine Arts.He currently resides in Tshwane and exhibits his work all around South Africa. Katlego studies the emotional journey of youth through line.
Expressing the pressures felt by our youngsters today…. all their frustrations, fears,
hopes, dreams and joy.
By stripping the subjects of any recognizable identity, he also strips us the viewer of the
Constraints of preconceived ideas and subjectivity, allowing us to see and experience
only the emotion contained within the line.
The immediate transfer of Katlego’s emotions onto paper.


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