Luciana Amagalhaes

Luciana AMagalhaes

Location: Brazil

Luciana was born in São Paulo, Brazil. she started to dedicate herself to sculpture the last few years. The universe of sculpture is that of forms. Modeling a clay is a creative and demographic act, meaningless from the earth and reaching a new reality. For this, each work must have a meaning, a feeling, a story, a peculiar narrative. As pieces that come up they have their whys, expressed in many different ways.
The most elaborate works by Luciana Magalhães are just an expression of feelings. It has its raison d'être in interior motivating elements, which results in the way materials are treated. And an experiment is present only in the dialogue between them.
The selection of the cores of the pieces goes through the same mystery of the choices. Following a path means provisionally leaving others aside, as the distinct distances may be coexistent, but not to the same degree. In this way, the energy devoted to each creation is complete as the audience is urged to participate in the process.
And this if you look and touch, as some works by Luciana Magalhães use the interactive experience of integral rotating elements. This is how feelings come to life. Creating is just the opportunity to share emotions. It is a process full of mysteries, comings and lives, cheeses and voids that the sculptor dominates with her plastic language.


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