Jurata Wajda

Polish sculptor, established in Switzerland, obtained in 1989 a master degree in art restoration at the Academy of Fine Arts of Torun, Poland. She is fascinated by historical art and its techniques demanding a precise work, as well as the study and realistic approach of the subject, both real and imaginary. She creates portraits, especially of children, that render perfectly the physical and psychological appearance of the model. The acts that he realizes image all of the softness and beauty of the female body.
While following historical themes, she revises them and puts a new sight on ancient subjects, such as the Greek Medusa, the Minotaur-Woman or the Cathedral-Woman of the Middle-Ages, going from real to surreal with an utter ease, transforming the real in imaginary. Her techniques are variated - from clay, through plaster, cement, artificial resins to bronze.


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