Anna Poerio

Anna Poerio

Location: Italy

Anna Poerio is an Italian painter and essayist.
In 1997 she graduated in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures at “L’Orientale” University of Naples. In 2001 she founded the “Alessandro Poerio Cultural Association” and in 2011 she founded the “Poerio - Imbriani Prize”. Since 2002 she has organized prestigious cultural events in very important Italian institutions.
As a painter, since 2004 Anna Poerio has taken part with great success in very significant exhibitions in Italy and abroad in important institutions and galleries, including La Telaccia Art Gallery, Turin, 2004; Padova Art Fair, Padoa (November 2004); International Caluma Art Center, Copenaghen, (May 2005); Capri Art, Congress Palace, Capri (August 2005); Crispi Gallery, Rome, 2006; Taverna Civic Museum, Taverna (CZ), 2006; Poerio Palace, Belcastro (CZ), 2007; Art in mind, The Brick Lane Gallery, London, February 2010; Margini Family Gallery, Milan, 2012; Istituto Banco di Napoli Fondazione, Naples, December 2012; Castel Capuano, Naples, December 2013; Porto Franco collective exhibition, cured by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palermo, July 2014; Spoleto Art meets Venice, cured by Vittorio Sgarbi, Ivancich Palace, Venice, October 2014; Rari Nantes Club, Naples, November 2015; Non gir vagando intorno, o Fantasia. An homage to Alessandro Poerio’s poems, personal exhibition at Maschio Angioino, Naples, January 2016; Parallax Art Fair, Chelsea Town Hall, London, February 2017.
According to Vittorio Sgarbi, “it is fresh and without sophistication the idea of beauty that underlies Anna Poerio’s works, often accomplished through elegant choreographic representations, so as to make us remember that the human body, caught in harmonic movements that express the level of ideal balance with nature, is still poetry par excellence, today as yesterday, today as tomorrow”.


The colours of soul

Anna Poerio's paintings are based on the harmonic gracefulness of movement. Her figuration is extremely intimate, rich of real values and deep analysis, where meaningful aspects of form and content coexist. The suggestive themes of inwardness portray, with realism, light and seductive figures that dance spontaneously in a delicate scenery, in a dreamy atmosphere. The human body merges not only with nature, but also with the whole universe. The sinuosity of dancing bodies conveys messages of beauty and harmony. It is a sort of spiritual elevation and at the same time a means to establish a contact with other beings, an ideal hug with humanity. Technical ability, structural meticulousness and rigorous chromatic layout reveal an original, autonomous and refined style. The strong communicative and representative ability mixes with an artistic validity from which visible talent emerges.

The roots of life “The roots of life”

In this painting a man and a woman are in the centre of the scene. The upside down woman points her hand to the ground while her leg points upward, indicating human beings’ intermediate position between heaven and earth. On the right and on the left, an ikebana floral composition stands for the essential union between Nature and humanity. The fusion of nature and human being is the necessary and inseparable condition of life.

Red Moon “Red Moon”

A woman dances in the space with a red dress. A woman and a red moon symbolize the identity between human beings and the universe, between microcosm and macrocosm: every human being is a microcosm, a miniature world, since his structure (both anatomical and psychic) repeats the one of the universe.

The dance of time “The dance of time”

The woman in red dances in the air. The wide red skirt represents the rotation of the earth and on the floor a sun clock reminds that time goes by.

Dance in the moonlight “Dance in the moonlight”

A dancer flies in the space between Earth and Moon in a dreamy atmoshere.

Time goes by “Time goes by”

Fugit irreparabile tempus, oil on canvas, cm. 100x120

The door of Infinity “The door of Infinity”

The door of infinity, oil on canvas, cm. 80x100