R C Fulwiler

Born Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1946. BS Degree in Art & Art Education from Univ. of Wis; 1970. Taught Art in public schools for 2 years. Self employed artist/inventor to date. Website: http://www.knot-not.com/ Images also available on Fine Art America: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/rc-fulwiler


Automotive Imagery

Images of automobiles through the ages. Created from digital files processed through the dark/light room of my imagination.

Endangered Species “Endangered Species”

A 30s' era Packard V-12. "Ask the Man Who Owns One".

Preferred Parking “Preferred Parking”

The parking sign says it all!

Endless Summer “Endless Summer”

A 1935 Ford "Woody" station wagon stops for fuel at a contemporary Gulf station.

Slow Night in Gotham City “Slow Night in Gotham City”

A Caped Crusader waits for action.

On Vacation; Circa 1936 “On Vacation; Circa 1936”

A 1936 Buick Straight Eight towing a "Bowlus Road Chief" custom crafted trailer, stops for gas at one of Mr. Rockafeller's stations. Mr. Bowlus built the "Spirit of St. Louis" for Charles Lindbergh to fly the Atlantic solo for the first time. He later applied his genius to building trailers. An employee of his, later started the AirStream Company.

Word Play

A Picture is worth 1000 words, but a title can illuminate an image.