Torhild Frøydis Eid

Torhild Frøydis Eid

Location: Norway

I am born in 1961, living in Norway. I started painting in 2018, but ever since my childhood, drawing and colors have been of great joy!
I do abstract and figurative artworks. For the time being mostly non figurative, and mixed techniques. Wet in wet, layer on layer and different textures to create dephts and life.
My paintings are spontanious, and often performed in a meditative state of mind. I am inspired by the nature, the sea the sky and the light.What I hear, what I read and what I see.
I want to awake and remind the observer of all the the beauty in life. I hope my pictures will remind you of good memories and give moments of joy!,


My joyful journey in Colors!

«Silence» “«Silence»”

Mixed media, acrylic, 60x60 cm

« Surfing on the Wave» “« Surfing on the Wave»”

Mixed media. Acrylic, 70x100 cm

«Free as the bird» “«Free as the bird» ”

Mixed mediiaa, acrylic, 60x60 cm

« The Blue Swan» “« The Blue Swan»”

Acrylic, Water pastels
100x100 cm