Les Mcdonald, Jr.

As a watercolor artist, my paintings give expression to my obsession for nature in all its forms, colors, and designs. With watercolor as my media and my passion, I concentrate significantly on nature, wildlife, birds, landscapes, seascapes, and sporting art, but I also pursue a variety of other subjects as well. Always an admirer of birds, I paint many species, mainly from the Texas gulf coast. Capturing their color, their action, their moods, and their subtle mannerisms provides me with both delight and challenge.

Working with watercolor paints allows me to do many things with this medium. I find that I can experiment more with watercolor than all other media combined. With watercolors, I like to paint, drool, scratch, dab, mop, salt, and incorporate a wide variety of other techniques. Primarily, I paint in high detail capturing a scene that presents nature in its many patterns, shapes and spirit.


Our Own Corn

Places I have been, things I have seen.
Lots of photos

Our Own Corn “Our Own Corn”

This was an image from a tour trip in New Hampshire. We stopped at this roadside farmers market .

Alaska Crab Traps “Alaska Crab Traps”

Alaska trips, Cordova Harbor, Alaska. Crabbing season must have been closed as all the crab traps were stacked on the shore.

Living in Slowtime “Living in Slowtime”

Small little town on Texas

Pelican Buddies “Pelican Buddies”

White Pelicans huddled together

Wading Whooper “Wading Whooper”

Mature Whooping Crane looks for crabs.

Greenback Heron “Greenback Heron”

Heron in a tree on a river trip in Costa Rica