Sergiy Lysyy

Sergiy Lysyy

Location: Lithuania

I was born on 1971 in Odessa, Ukraine. Currently he lives in Lithuania, in Klaipeda city. He graduated from the hodgraf of the Pedagogical Institute in Odessa. Since 2014 began to actively participate in international exhibitions.
I participated in the biennial of Rochemor, France, India, China, in many Chinese exhibitions that are known for its rigorous selection and huge competition. Leder of the Lihtuanian Artisttic Community in Fabriano in Acquarello in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Country Head of Internarional Watercolor Society of Lithuania -IWS Lithuania.
My watercolor was chosen in the top 20 in Turkey, Bornova, plenair winner of the 5th Annual IWS Contest “Homer Love and Peace Through art Watercolor Festival” in 2015, 2017 1st place -ABURAWASH PRIZE , 2018 Best of Landskape - GAWA International watercolor, 2019 1st place winner at the international exhibition in Mexico with the painting "Evening".
Since 2015-2019 Im has been conducting master classes in Hong Kong, Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, Rome, and in countries such as Sweden, France, Lithuania and Estonia.



Hong Kong “Hong Kong”

"Hong Kong" -54x74 cm, 2019, watercolor, paper

The light of Vilnius “The light of Vilnius”

"The light of Vilnius" - 55x75, 2019, Lithuania, watercolor, paper

Madrid “Madrid”

"Madrid" -64x48 cm, 2020, watercolor, paper

"Zhouzhuang" “"Zhouzhuang"”

"Zhouzhuang" 55x75 cm, 2020, watercolor, paper

Zhouzhuang (2) “Zhouzhuang (2)”

"Zhouzhuang 2" 55x75 cm, 2020, watercolor, paper