Tamera Menard Ovall

I was born an artist. My favorite medium is oil painting however, I have also used several others. I am a member of the Michigan Plein Air Painters, The American Portrait Society, and The Village Fine Art Association. I have participated, won awards and ribbons at such shows as PAN, Views and Visions, Art in the Animal Kingdom, and several other shows. I am in the following books: The World's Greatest Oil Painters volume one, (available at Dick Blick), The Dictionary of Artists, and The Artist Project by Gerry Paz. I have no favorite topic to paint, if I see it, I can paint it! Everything form people, children, animlas, cars, landscapes, buildings, pets, still lifes, etc. I am in the Gallery of Arts and Fine Art America galleries. I have work in the Saginaw Art Museum in Michigan. I have no formal training or education in painting, I was born an artist. When I am painting I get lost in the canvas and it is like I am no longer in the world of reality. Painting is a place that suspends time and creates a world all of my own! One day I will set the art world on fire!


Tamera's Paintings

Oil on masoninte, 11 x 14. I did this painting of a student with very low self esteem to show her that she was a beautiful person!

Sandhill Beach “Sandhill Beach”

Oil on masonite 11 x 14. I did this in Plein Air (outside on location) at Kensington Metro Park in Milford, Mi. It started pouring rain that morning so I had to paint fast. The sandhill family here is very friendly and I have been known to approach and pet them regularly! :)

Crow Theory “Crow Theory”

Oil on masonite. 11 x 14 .

Matisse “Matisse”

Oil on masonite. 11 x 14. This is my toy poodle Matisse.

Foggy Morning “Foggy Morning”

Oil on masonite. 11 x 14. Plein Air (painted outdoors on location) This painting was done up in Northern Michigan in the deep hard woods on a foggy morning. This little robin perched to pose for me while I was searching for a subject to paint.

Family Time “Family Time”

Oil on canvas. 16 x 20. Sandhill family from Kensington Metro Park.