Jeanette Fyhr

Jeanette Fyhr

Location: Sweden

Jeanette Fyhr is is one of the artists
based in the local of the old closeddown
porcelainfactory in Gustavsberg in the
archipelago of Stockholm.
Now it is artiststudios instead, and
called G-studion.

She is from the beginning ceramic and
glassartist. (MFA, in ceramics and glass
from university of arts, crafts and
Nowadays active in most techniques
and materials, but is always longing
for work in glass.She do a lot of painting,
also ceramic sculpture, collage and textile

Also educated at Stockholm University
for Art and Graphic Studio.
She is even open to illustrationmissions
and other creative assignments regarding
text and image, or collaboration for design


Art by Jeanette Fyhr

More arts by Jeanette Fyhr may be found even on this websites

Yellow wiev “Yellow wiev”

Acrylic on paper A3

Treatment of another dog “Treatment of another dog”

Acrylic painting on canvas glowed to panel.
46cmx 56cm

Yellow men reach planks “Yellow men reach planks”

Collage on paper, A4

On my feet “On my feet”

Ceramicsculpture/ mixed media, combination with metal tread and wire

On line “On line”

Table in ceramics, painted on clay before fireing