Bettina Franckenberg

bettina franckenberg

Location: Turkey


Lives and works as freelance Textile artist in Bodrum / Turkey
registered member of UNESCO - IAA Europe

Professional Activities:
- Organisation of Textile art - Exhibitions national and international (since 1989)
- 1994-2005 Leading her own Studio-Gallery in the Holiday village“Sea- Garden“ (HAPIMAG) in Bodrum/Turkey
- since 2006 as well Activity as a Hiking guide, Translator and Interpreter (sworn)

- speaks fluently German, English, Turkish



Textile Art Works

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Stoneface “Stoneface”


Patchwork, own technique

The RED with 'Lifethread' “The RED with 'Lifethread'”

This work is a part of my textile installation "Lifesteps" from 2002.

350x197cm and 80x330cm

Textile installation "Lifesteps" “Textile installation "Lifesteps"”

With this exhibition I continue a subject I started a long time ago – the space in Te?vikiye inspired me and makes it possible to realize it in a very serious way.
It’s the theme of life in balance with the cosmos, growing and maturing at all lifesteps.

The idea started with the study of matriarchal mythology - one of the first answers developed to questions about the beginning of the world and the sense of life.

In mankind’s imagination of the universe the three-shaped moongoddess is a symbol of life in all it’s aspects as well as of nature in it’s cycle.
The white moon sickle is the symbol of the goddess in the shape of a girl; symbol for youth, innocence and spring.
The red full moon is the symbol of her as a mature woman, goddess of love and fertility, who is reigning in summer, the climax of the year.
The black sickle, or new moon, symbolizes the old woman shape of the goddess; as the death goddess, she rules the underworld and takes all life with her in autumn and winter - and lets it rise again in springtime of the next year to continue the cycle of life.

In my work these mythological colours - white, red and black - are both symbol carriers and design elements. The other colours and fabrics and the way of joining them together have also a certain symbolic meaning.
One part of the installation is a long string which leads the visitor into and through the exhibition: it is a symbolic ‘lifethread’, made of handwoven silk and fabrics, that have long been part of my life and are full of memories, feelings and longings - joined together by hand. For me, sewing by hand is like meditation and is very important while creating the whole theme.
The other installations are related to the whole project, but they are also independent artworks, inviting free association ...

Creativity “Creativity”

this piece too is a part of the textile installation "Lifesteps"


Night around the pyramid “Night around the pyramid”


fabric & thread on canvas
60x50cm 2008

The wide sea “The wide sea”


Rope & thread on canvas

untitled “untitled”

textile collage on cardboard

untitled “untitled”

textile collage on cardboard

dancing fabrics “dancing fabrics”

textile collage

moon on the sea “moon on the sea”

textile collage

untitled “untitled”

paper collage

untitled “untitled”

collage with handmade paper & sewing thread


Taurus “Taurus”

collage from various & handmade paper

untitled “untitled”

collage with parchment paper and sewing thread, own technique