Jim Herbert

Jim Herbert (www.wavesofsteel.net) is a metal sculpture artist from Santa Cruz, California. Living most of his life in this laid back beach community, it’s no wonder that his sculptures encapsulate the wonders of ocean life. Jim has worked with metals since the age of 21. His career choice of auto restoration is what originally led him to his lifelong passion to create beauty out of steel.

It’s hard to believe that these unique and wondrous sculptures were created out of many different kinds of scrap metal including discarded automobile parts and rebar. His welding gun is his favorite tool. “I love playing with metal and fire. I like adding and subtracting. It is exciting, and almost seems a little dangerous. My welding gun is a like a magic paintbrush of fire.”

Jim’s art collection is an abundant display of both real, and fantasy creatures of the sea. His inspiration and motivation for his creatures comes directly from what he observes in his beach environment.

The artist was juried in the Vargas Gallery Autumn Selections, The Monterey Bay Metal Arts Guild Water & Metal at the Santa Cruz Art League, and the City of Santa Clara’s Indoor Sculpture Exhibition. Jim Herbert’s work is often seen at various events in the Pleasure Point area of Santa Cruz including the Wharf to Wharf race, the Surfer’s Path Marathon, and the Jack O'Neill Memorial Paddle-out.


Surfing Mermaid

One of my metal mermaid sculptures.