Judy Barnewolt-jones

A self-taught watercolorist, Judy's "affected representational" paintings are recognized by their strong value, which is not common in water media paintings. A sense of light and movement are important elements in her compositions. Judy has been part of art shows and exhibits in the midwest and Florida. An award winning artist, her paintings have been included in national and international exhibits, and many private and corporate collections. Judy has taught watercolor workshops in Florida, Illinois and Wisconsin for many years, and currently teaches at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, Wi.


"Remnants of a Past Life"

Our mother had sewn for us all of our lives, from pajamas to Easter dresses even wedding dresses - nothing was too small or large a task for her at the sewing machine. When she passed away, going through her things, we came across pieces of fabric that were way to small to make something, and yet there they were. We wondered why she saved them, and then realized they were all remnants of things she had made for us. They were important to her, not because the fabric was valuable, but because she could touch them and they would take her back to a moment in time that was precious. That is when I decided to paint in a series called "Remnants of a Past Life". This series would include paintings of places we store things that we can't for one reason or another, let loose of , but they would be symbolic of memories that stay with us and affect our choices and who we are. Attached is the writing that accompanies these paintings.

"Remnants of a Past Life" Judy B Jones

I've saved some thing along the way.
Some for what they are, some for what they represent-
a place - a person - a time so precious.
remnants of a past life
put aside and gather for safe keeping,
proof of time spent - evidence of choices made.
I save them, even though they're tucked away,
as they are precious, and the cost of them was great -
my numbered days…jbj

"In the Loft" “"In the Loft"”

From the continuing series, "Remnants of a Past Life", this watercolor, 13 x 19, was inspired by the Olson Farm House in Cushing, Maine. This is the barn and workshop area, which is actually part of the home itself, which made it easier to do chores during their harsh winters. The original is in a private collection, but available in a limited edition giclee.

"In Storage" “"In Storage"”

Light sparkled in through little holes and broken boards, creating almost a starry night sky affect for the two boats that occupied a corner of this otherwise empty barn. There is a history beyond the still hulls laying in the sand, moments remembered, saved for more moments to come..

"Shades of Empty" “"Shades of Empty"”

…and when the light streamed in, shades of empty made an imprint on my heart…jbj

"Window Refraction" “"Window Refraction"”

Watercolor 14 x 18
His chair is empty now.
I can see it in the window,
distorted by the sun.
I think that's how we see most things,
distorted by our view of them.
Yet some things, I see clear enough…
His chair is empty now…jbj