Bela Fidel

Bela Fidel – Biography

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In 1965 I left Brazil to live in Israel and study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I graduated in English and Spanish Languages and Literatures and pursued M.A. studies in Romance Languages. I lived in Israel for 8 ½ years. I speak 7 languages, 4 of them fluently.

I started to paint when I was living in Israel but pursued serious study of art only upon returning to Brazil in 1974.

I have always painted in oils but the last 13 years have led me to explore mixed media and, specifically, Encaustics. I currently devote my time to both oils and Encaustics, as well as Mixed Media.

My other passion is my work on behalf of animals.

I share my home in Scottsdale with my husband, Stan Fidel, who is a lyricist, poet, writer and marketing consultant, as well as three pets.


Abstract Oils

In my current work in abstract oils I seek the elegance of simplicity, the rich expression of human experience, the depth of feelings and the beauty of uncompromising aesthetics.

I wish to convey, in a minimalist style, that a rich personal artistic experience and concomitant feelings can be conveyed with simplicity and depth.

Adobe House “Adobe House”

Oil and Gold Leaf - 36" x 30"

Union (Kundalini) “Union (Kundalini)”

Oil, gold, silver, Copper Leaf
48" x 36"

Blue Stars “Blue Stars”

Oil - 60" X 48"

Emanation “Emanation”

Oil - 36" x 36"

Transformation “Transformation”

Oil - 24" x 24"

Stand by Me “Stand by Me”

Oil - 24" x 24"

Zen “Zen”

Oil - 40" x 40"
Only Giclees Available

Wabi Sabi “Wabi Sabi”

Oil, Pastel - 48" x 36"


My work with encaustic is a collaboration and a partnership: I suggest an idea, the medium responds – sometimes it agrees, others it has something else in mind. Often I make my case toward the direction I wish to go and it helps me get there, but not without first surprising me, tickling my sense of humor, or even annoying me.

Encaustic and I… we are good friends. We enrich each other, tease each other, frustrate each other. But at the end of a day’s work, when we see the fruit of our deep interaction, we are happy!

Our goal is to enrich and surprise our viewers with a constant sense of discovery; layers of paint, both opaque and transparent create a universe that is deep, fanciful, whimsical.

Underwater composition “Underwater composition”

Encaustic - 29" x 25" - Framed

Spheres in Blue “Spheres in Blue”

Encaustic, collage - 26" x 24" - Framed

Balance in Black “Balance in Black”

Encaustic - 13.5" x 13" - Framed