Drew Zimmerman

Drew Zimmerman


Drew Zimmerman is a paper mache artist and educator affiliated with galleries in the Philadelphia region. He has a self-titled web site loaded with pictures and projects.


Essential Drew Zimmerman

Four works in my inimitable style: newspaper, colored newsprint advertisements, and cardboard, accumulated over a three-dimensional under-structure with household wallpaper paste and glue. No paint brushes are ever applied to the final surface, except to apply a white glue finish that prevents sun discoloration. Zimmerman's work frequently employs satirical themes, especially musings on the essential meaning of the artistic impulse, the icons of art history, and the fragility of personal identity. Check out drewzimmerman.com for additional photos and artist statements.

Labyrinth “Labyrinth”

Drew Zimmerman, "Labyrinth," paper mache, newspaper and acrylic wash over newsprint, over a cardboard backing, 4" circumference, 1985-1989.

Atlas “Atlas”

Drew Zimmerman, "Atlas," colored newsprint, acrylic wash over newspaper, cardboard, on wood backing, 5" X 4", 2010.

Tracing Picasso (the artist at 60) “Tracing Picasso (the artist at 60)”

Drew Zimmerman, "Tracing Picasso (the artist at 60)," newspaper, colored newsprint advertising, cardboard under-structure, 34" X 25", 2017.

Penelope “Penelope”

Drew Zimmerman, "Penelope (Triptych)," newspaper, colored advertising newsprint, cardboard under-structure, 49" X 42", 2014.

Point Restore “Point Restore”

Drew Zimmerman, "Point Restore," newsprint, newspaper, cardboard, 36" X 48", 2007.

Habitually Inferred Object “Habitually Inferred Object”

Drew Zimmerman, "Habitually Inferred Object," newsprint, newspaper, cardboard, 32" X 36", 2012.