Prue Sanchez

Prue Sanchez

Location: Australia

Painted & drew since childhood, wide range of subjects. Won art prizes when at school, became Biology/science/maths teache then special ed, painted & entered art shows throughout as a hobby, won some awards. Have taught art & studied botanical art with Jenny Phillips, have used this technique applied to animals. Environmental activist so the plight of the natural world and human suffering caused by overpopulation & disrespect for animals is my greatest concern



Variety of subjects which I consider relevant to the causes and effects of environmental damage to what remains of the natural world and the self destructive effects on people

Koala “Koala”

Koalas have suffered high fatalities & habitat destruction

Kangaroo “Kangaroo”

Another iconic Australian animal which is suffering terribly due to habitat destruction & the greedy cruelty of some humans

Wombat “Wombat”

These delightful marsupials are frequent victims of road trauma, fires & killing by thoughtless people

Aftermath “Aftermath”

Watercolour & ink imaginary landscape done when upset by shocking fire damage in previously unburnt Tasmanian wilderness

Blue Wrens “Blue Wrens”

These exquisite birds are found in undergrowth & gardens & uplift the spirits of people in isolation