Dominique Faivre

Dominique Faivre

Location: Canada

My name is Dominique Chantal Faivre
I always loved colors, I knew I would enjoy painting in oils.
France, the country of my birth and where I lived till my late teens, was the right place to appreciate and love art.
My family and I moved to Canada.

I am a self-taught artist, sometimes I do some sketching and then put my ideas onto my canvas, or I work directly onto it. I take some of my inspirations from my photographs that I took during my travels. I work with oils which is my favorite medium, I do mostly landscapes in impressionist style. I like to show into my work a lot of details and colors. In 1994, I entered a regional Juried Art Exhibition at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. One of my work was selected by the jury to be included in the show.

Collections in Europe, Canada and United States.


Lanscapes by Dominique Faivre

All the paintings are done with oils on canvas. enjoy!

la chaumiere “la chaumiere”

done during the beautiful autumn season in oil on canvas.
sale price is

le cerf regarde “le cerf regarde”

a fun little painting done on an oval canvas, this is original oil painting
the size of the canvas

Raining Night “Raining Night”

this has a little story, A single mother is returning home from work and it is a raining way.
Framed canvas. original oil painting
size 16x12
price is

Saguaro National park “Saguaro National park”

just so nice and different to see original oil painting framed and nice to have and to look at.
16x8 size canvas
price is only

Snowing park in the city “Snowing park in the city”

Done on canvas in acrylic, very snowing the the city.