Iwona Jankowski


Mottled Horses

"Mottled Horses" - Equine art developed since 2002-4 in my new “Mottled” technique that merges abstract and expressionism with a touch of realism. The subject is created on a colorful abstract background to express feelings, often shown as a close-up, with special attention to the eyes and focusing on specific moods and composition. Often with secondary transparent image/s to show movement or specific scenario. The idea is to get away from stereotypical equine realistic images and show horses as an interesting colorful and joyful subject.

In my paintings, I don’t intend to replicate photo-realistic objects, but to capture the utmost uniqueness of life. Illustrating my subjects, I often pay no attention to exact shapes, textures, or real colors and emphasize just on a small fragment, sometimes a very tiny detail, in order to insinuate an idea. That approach leads me to concentrate on what I feel and not what I see or know about the subject. Also, it helps me to effectively use visuals to depict a story about my subject.

My art captures just an indication of a subject to leave the rest for my viewer’s imagination to create the unique picture.