Dr. Petra Dippold-goetz

Dr. Petra Dippold-Goetz

Location: Germany

Born close to Nuremberg I grew up in the city of Albrecht Duerer, a well-known German painter and have been under the spell of this fascinating artist since I was a child.
All my life I was passionated about painting. To improve my techniques I studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Faber Castell from 2014-2017. My role models are Anselm Kiefer, Jean Dubuffet. Alberto Burri and Gerhard Richter and last not least I was deeply impressed by Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline. I am really into collages of all kinds, I work with acrylic and oil colours, depending on the subject. With passion I process heterogeneous materials.
I would like to draw peoples' attention on current topics and issues, I want to make aware of the problems of our time, like environmental destruction.
I exhibit regularyly and you can find my work on Saatchi Art and Artzine. I was invited to show my work on the 'Art Austria' in Vienna in 2019. This year everything was cancelled because of COVID-2019.


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