Aranza Slim

Aranza Slim

Location: Mexico


Bronce al galope

Bronce al galope “Bronce al galope ”

Aranza Slim is a Mexican plastic artist ,Since her early childhood she has been a passionate about horses, music, and flamenco dance.
which are the inspiration she of what she do to convey through sculpting .
She has taken many art clases and have been invited to exhibit sense 9 years in Mexico, Cancun, Cuba, Spain, Dubai and Italy and after been in the bienale of Florence now she is invited to exhibit around the world .
She has created her own style an its limit edition .

Spartecus “Spartecus”

Wash bronce

Pegasus “Pegasus ”

Wash bronce

Stradivarius “Stradivarius ”

Wash bronce

Amadeus “Amadeus”

Wash bronce