Sue Daniel

Sue Daniel

Location: Canada

Sue is an abstract expressionist artist; using vibrant oils she creates big, bold, pieces on canvas – combining fluid forms of abstraction with surreal touches. The results are deconstructed to the extent that meaning is shifted and possible interpretation becomes multi-faceted.
Spontaneous and intuitive brush strokes – and a variety of knives, scrapers and custom made tools – give her work its unique quality. Working in oils on canvas, she uses rich tones to provide her paintings with a strong physical presence. With a sharp eye for form and a great sense of color she creates strong pieces pulsating with energy.
Sue’s work is inspired by the old masters for colour and motion, informed by the surrealists to create the story, and influenced by the New York School of artists who invented abstract expressionism.
Sue paints in her studio in West Vancouver. Her work is in collections in the US and Canada.


Recent Works

I paint daily in my studio, always experimenting. These works, all completed over the past few months, share a feeling of energy and motion that I was striving for. They involve the viewer at the same time as they imply a sense of distance, of observing the action around us. They are at once a riot of colors and shapes, planes and drawn elements, and layer upon built-up layer - that together tell a story.

A Conversation “A Conversation”

With "distancing" being a part of our new life, making conversations a challenge, I was feeling disconnected from family and friends, thinking of times when everyone was close and big conversations flowed freely.

Alone in a Chaotic World “Alone in a Chaotic World”

New rules, new ways of doing things, everything, everyone moving in similar patterns. But apart.

No Safe Harbour “No Safe Harbour”

The only safe harbor is the one within our own small world.

Windy Symphony “Windy Symphony”

Music and art are two ways to express emotions and reflect our personal realities. Creating art and conducting musical groups can move us, even when the message is mixed.

Bittersweet Symphony “Bittersweet Symphony”

In this piece my passion for my garden in full bloom combined with the (loud) music I play when painting in my studio and produced this emotional union of the two - a visual symphony.