Coby Ten Berge-wolters

She is familytaught (painted her whole life), professional since 15 years,realistic with a twist. Likes to do all kind off courses, because she likes variety.


the eye of the beholder

There is so many to see, traveling in other countrys. But everyday life is just as beautifull. I like to be challenged and often that is the reason to use different technics.

Florence (Italy) parkwall “Florence (Italy) parkwall”

Due to a storm the park was closed. Walking around this park I saw this old gate.

Amsterdam Oude Binnengasthuis “Amsterdam Oude Binnengasthuis”

I studied medicine here, my bike was always at this bridge. Love this place
40 x 80 cm acryl

Corona in Rome “Corona in Rome”

A2 aquarel after Photografs of MI in the newspaper

The blue case “The blue case”

Ink 30 x 40 cm
My thermos flask with tea and the case

Freiberg Schwarzwald “Freiberg Schwarzwald ”

A rainy day at Freiberg in Germany
A very pleasant atmosphere.