Chinemerem Omeh

Chinemerem Omeh

Location: Nigeria

Omeh chinemerem is a Nigerian artist and muralist born in Nsukka, Enugu state, Nigeria. A graduate of the University of Nigeria where he studied fine and applied art, painting major. His works explores human relationship with one another, nature also and biological anomalies.

Aesthetically inspired by the landscape of his homeland, Omeh utilizes the cracked surface of Earth that occurs during the Harmattan season and employs them as metaphors in his works. The cracks, although caused by a water-starved Mother Earth, represent hope, peace, acceptance, and desire for a restoration of the natural world. His technique involves the rough and heavy application of dead caked color, which is mixed with linseed oil, creating a unique and original effect.

Following an exhibition in 2019, where he showcased his body of work, the Crack story, in Agora, a New York based gallery in Chelsea. The body of work which reflected his pain, hope and suffering from whence he came, provided a ground for his confidence in speaking out through art. He had since ventured out on the theme tolerance, accomodations and love as a central part of his works through the investigation on the subject of Intersex and sexual identity. He has done many massive murals in Nigeria one of which is presumably the largest mural painting located in Calabar.


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