Mimi Revencu

Mimi Revencu

Location: Romania

Mimi’s art is instinctive. Her paintings tell stories inspired by every day experiences and moments, expressed through the language of her inner world. Their symbolism comes from a place within her and they are influenced by Eastern European mysteries, fairy tales and patterns. In telling her stories, she’s always searching for sincerity and for that raw emotion and joy we are all born with but tend to lose as we become adults.

A mirabilis artist, Mimi’s art is positive and radiates only good energy. And if you look at each of the stories she tells on canvas, you’ll always find a secret, and perhaps that secret is the key to rediscovering something genuine and true about yourself.

Mimi Revencu’s first love for art started through her father’s drawings. She painted and made drawings herself throughout her youth, but it wasn’t until much later that she decided to devote her life entirely to art.

She was guided in her formative years by the Romanian Master Petru Petrescu who recognized her natural talent and unique style. She developed her technique and distinctive elements with the confidence of someone who feels she has a calling, not just a plan. She uses her instincts and experiences to develop sophisticated narratives that express authentic joy and at a closer look, hide symbols and secrets.

Mimi Revencu works mainly in acryl and with mixed media. Her art has been seen in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe and are part of private collections all around the world.
Mimi is member IAVA-The International Association of Visual Artists.



Art these days most often reflects alienation, desperation, violence, loneliness, old age and
But art is a dynamic field, always looking to rediscover and reinvent itself. It is time to
express something new in art, something related to our deep essence, universal and optimistic,
separated from the daily madness. It is time for the artist to call for a change of attitude and spirit,
bringing to life the present and not only reflecting the world around.
I believe that art in general is meant to be perceived as inside vibration. And Mirabilis is pure
inner vibration at its best. The Mirabilis artist depicts impressions and mental images that do not
pass through the filter of a mental process. They are rather the product of his instincts. The images
are featuring bright colours, lots of green hues and pink, no grays tones and almost no use of black
paint. Colours are applied side-by-side with as little mixing as possible, creating a simplified, vibrant
Objects and beings are mostly flat but they are disposed in different layers and transparency
of thin paint films is used in order to obtain deepness of space. There are surfaces in full light and
shadow but beings and objects cast no shadow.
I was told that my work is full of energy and this energy is transfered to the viewer. I was
surprised to hear that. But then more and more people told me the same thing, most of the times
On my canvases, some elements are schematically represented, like a simple clue, and
others are full of details. It is a world of colour. And the works appear as an escape in a balanced,
deep and optimistic world in which the viewer charges with energy. It is what we are all looking for.
When I paint, I feel that kind of serenity that one experiences mostly in their childhood, when they
don’t have the worries of adult age. This way, my work becomes necessarly candid and this feeling
is transfered to the viewer.
I am not the only one thinking and painting differently. I already saw other artists who’s
works contain some of the Mirabilist vision elements. Therefore, I propose to cristalize this artistic
vision in a distinct curent.
Mirabilism is the lively art that vibrates. It sticks to your mind. And it is the candid art that
brings you in a candid reality.