Claudine Brantes

Claudine Brantes

Location: Chile

My name is Carol Claudia Alvarez Brantes, and my stage name is Claudine Brantes, my maternal surname and Claudine in honor of my beloved grandmother Claudine.
I am passionate about art, and I started in this world from a young age, when as a teenager faced with an illness that kept me at rest and being very restless, my father gave me a drawing and painting kit. Looking at magazines I found works by Modigliani, an artist who fascinated me and whose style I tried to copy, adding my personal stamp. I didn't know it, but from that moment on, I began to forge my own style, influenced by artists like Modigliani, Klimt, Matisse, among others.
I started painting and I was lucky enough to study painting with great masters, such as the Chilean Hernan Soto Leon from Valparaiso, Chile; the Spanish Bernardo Rodriguez Gil, in Buenos Aires, Argentina; the Argentine Jorge Sarazola, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently with the great master Francisco Jose Villalon Godoy, in Las Condes, Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Chile.
I have had the pleasure of participating as a guest in several exhibitions in Argentina by my teachers and of participating in exhibitions here in Chile and the world. I was also called by publishers to illustrate the book cover.
My work generally embodies feelings. Those feelings that we try to cover because they generate something for us, and in my case that something is embodied in my paintings.



Liberación es una muestra que representa el proceso interno de liberación de los miedos, prejuicios, miradas externas, presiones que la sociedad nos impone día a día.
Intento plasmar estos sentimientos en cada obra,
Espero que lo disfrutes.

Liberación “Liberación”

Esta obra llena de simbolismo representa la liberación interior.
La liberación de los miedos al ataque, representado por la protección que le da el personaje principal al pájaro, cubriéndolo de la posible acción del gato.
Atreverse a volar y liberarse, es el simbolismo del pájaro a punto de ser liberado, y uno de los simbolismo del hombre volando con el paraguas libremente al viento.
Liberarse del dolor de la pérdida, simbolizada por la silla vacía, dejando ir y liberando el dolor (otro simbolismo del hombre volando).

Introspección “Introspección”

La vida de hoy y la lucha cotidiana de la mujer por lograr su lugar de reconocimiento, llevan a un stress deseando estar en un encuentro con uno misma. El paisaje cómo simbolismo de la soledad, la casa pequeña cómo su yo interior, los lirios representando su melancolía por lo que busca la llene y no encuentra, y los cisnes cómo representando de su belleza interior y exterior son los mensajes que llenan esta obra simbólica.

Afternoon Blue “Afternoon Blue”

This work represents the sadness of the protagonist, who, lying down, without energy, is surrounded by fabric birds, which represent the force that drives her to get up and move on. Next to her, a cloth doll is the symbolism of how she feels, while life and hope await her around her, represented by the tree. Fidelity is at his side, in the figure of the dog, while the joy of life passes by walking, represented in the figure of the man on stilts and the curiosity for what is to come, appears in the figure of the man.

Hope “Hope”

This work represents the Hope to overcome obstacles. Characters overcome by crisis and emptiness are observed by themselves from the past, when they got married, by that painting that can be seen as a window to the past or future depending on which side the observer stands on. The fish in the bowl looks at the freedom that is possible, while the plane in flight takes height despite the obstacles, thus leading the viewer to the message that there is always Hope in any life situation, everything depends on you.

Yearnings “Yearnings”

This work represents the yearnings for home and the love of my grandparents. The affection that was felt in the air in that home represented by the house in the sky.
The house and the family that awaits us in the afterlife to receive us in the warmth of home.