Tanisha Bhana

Some stories must be told, for their chronicle serves as a receipt of our legacy. Our sensory and intellectual perception may not always be fully attuned to all life experiences but sometimes, when latent voices are heard, the extensive human story unfolds, with the potential to unbolt our mindset and liberate us from collective paradigms.

My artistic expressions are inspired by the desire to contribute towards the growth of a society which is unhibited by obsolete historical constraints and shared, fear-based conditioning; where all experience the freedom to explore their authentic dreams towards achieving our inherent potential.

My hope is to articulate an original perspective with the adventurous possibility of enhancing our consciousness of certain social phenomena and persuading the questioning of paradigms or mindsets which sometimes hamper our access to innate dreams or our ability to fulfil them.

While I resonate with the Symbolist genre of art, my work explores contemporary univeral themes, sometimes interspersed with ancient myths or beliefs, aiming to achieve artistic integrity through self reflection, but encompassing the potential for multi-faceted meanings to which the viewer can call upon from his/her own psyche. The intensity of the imagery aims to produce a visual feast while encouraging an open mind.

Each piece expresses the latent voices and emotions of mortal beings whom I have come across in my life path, whose legacy must be chronicled. It is a celebration of the values of freedom of expression and the right to free opinion on matters affecting our universe, societal norms and social structures.

In embracing our universal diversity, yet similarities, my work desires to surpass a merely empathetic response and guide the viewer, through reflection, to his/her sometimes subconcious spiritual and intellectual chasms, evoking behavioural shifts.



The term, “Soil” is used in many contexts, such as the mass that holds the ground we walk on, as well as when matter is defiled.

Different and harsh climates are interposed with each other in this portfolio, contrasting very wet and very dry conditions, indicating the possibilities of the changing climates that we may have to adapt to.

The illusion of an earthly blood soiling the land we have become accustomed to, intends to portray the natural state of change we are facing, in order to prepare the land for new beginnings.

The current status of our biodiversity is reported to be fragile and undergoing shifts in our ecosystems. On current trends, average global temperatures could rise by 2 - 3°C within the next 50 years, leading to severe impacts on our biodiversity, including more frequent droughts and floods, predicting as many as 150 - 200 million environmental refugees by the middle of the century (2% of projected population), and threatening the basic elements of life for people around the world, ie. access to water, food, health and the use of land (Stern Review on the economics of climate change ISBN number: 0-521-70080-9, Cambridge University Press).

Climate change is likely to occur too rapidly for many species to adapt. One study estimates that around 15 – 40% of species face extinction with 2°C of warming.

This portfolio depicts the harsh and radical environmental shifts that we may be facing.