Theresa Gray

Theresa Gray has been studying her environs and creating art for more than 30 years. She and her husband, Peter Halter, live off-the-grid near Taos, New Mexico. Dependent upon the sun and the rain to power their handmade home, they are committed to forming beauty from native materials and living a life of balance. Always aware of their surroundings, the environment shapes their movement and inspires their work.


Promise Of Beauty | Expanse

A body of oil paintings inspired by the elements of our environment.
I paint what I see around me in Taos, New Mexico—mesa, mountains, wind, river, canyon, trees, plants, and wildlife.

Expanse | Out There To Here “Expanse | Out There To Here”

Oil, Graphite on Mylar

92" x 36" / Unframed / 2020

Certificate of authenticity included.