Annalisa Parisii


Location: Italy

Born in Italy in 1961, since the early age Annalisa showed her calling towards painting: «I always had the necessity of express myself through drawing and color: I have been sketching since my childhood, and to me it has had a cathartic aspect and purpose, as my own specific world where I could free myself of angst and imagination.»
She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and L’Aquila, undertaking afterward her own personal exploration of certain themes related to Hyperrealism, Pop Art, and Surrealistic language. Following such phase of study and reflection her artistic language has taken on a new perspective grounded in a poetic reassessment of reality: Starting from still life compositions, representing contemporary, daily use objects like armchairs. buttons, shaving brushes, and then shifting to the depiction of an almost oneiric natural scenery, the act of painting transforms the geometry of canvas in a meditation place, where the Soul acknowledges its archetypes. 
The basis of Annalisa Parisii's creative vision, its leitmotiv, consists in a persistent pursuit of some concealed truth, some hidden mystery, essentially some poetry so needed to human survival, that is the ability to always find a way out as well as a reinvention for the self. This is particularly evident in the latest paintings, where rubber gloves, glass jars and bottles - basically everyday objects usually ascribed to a traditional female universe – transcend their meaning and function in order to enhance precisely the value of the gender role. Thus the choice and isolation of specific utensils, and their placement inside glass jars as showcases, allow the viewer a private contemplation, which bursts in that sort of reverence we devote to the worship of sacred relics .
The same observance recurs to the female figures sealed inside glass jars which, like museum's showcases, preserve the human form in detaching it from the surrounding physical reality and leading it to a sublime elevation.


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