Anna Sokol

In my studio, nestled between my home and sons' swing set, I tune into story-telling music through melodies and lyrics while tuning out of my own narratives. As I listen, I paint without considering what may appear on the surface, but instead, how it feels streaming from my fingertips.

Each composition and color palette comes after a while of scribbling and large brushstrokes. Starting with spray paint or acrylic, I detail with pastel, markers and add collage pieces at times. Words of solicitude and resilience play a substantial roll in my art. I intend to bring your surroundings color and vibrancy and convey my joy and creative expression through each piece. I am constantly inspired by color theory, passionate lyrics, intense feelings, and daily gratitude. The ideal collector loves color, movement, and emotional brushwork. I hope you allow my work to affect you as it does me each time.


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