Sue Graef

Sue Graef is an American artist whose work is characterized by brilliant color. Working principally in acrylics, Graef creates her semi-abstract paintings by quickly applying color over color, allowing spontaneous creation to play a large part in her work. Her works are vibrant re-creations of what she sees in life. Whilst people can almost always recognize the subject of the painting, Graef twists the perspective and playfully experiments with the colors for fantastic results.



In her travels walking and driving around, the artist comes across scenes with intriguing shapes, angles and patterns. Excited about what she sees, she goes home to paint adding her imagination and bold, unconventional color to the mix. Many of the paintings get a reaction from viewers like, "I've been there" or "I know where that is" or something like that.

Sun Shining Over the Skyway Bridge “Sun Shining Over the Skyway Bridge”

This is a brilliant hued painting of one of the artist's favorite bridges. It's the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, traveled many many times on the way south to Sarasota, Naples, Miami and other places. At one point the bridge is steep enough to appear that you are going to drive off of it into mid air. The interesting perspective, bright yellow cables and the angle and pattern of the fence inspired Sue to paint. The depth perception of the cars in the distance and the vanishing point were nothing but pure fun to paint as an exaggeration as well as the bold color. 40"x30" acrylic on stretched canvas.

Gulf to Bay and US 19 “Gulf to Bay and US 19”

The artist spent many hours during the last 20 years, while living nearby, sitting at this intersection of Gulf to Bay Boulevard and US Highway 19 waiting for the light to turn green. Sue was intrigued by the lights, crosswalks, perspective and different patterns and colors. She wanted to paint something that people could relate to well and sitting at a very long red light is one of those things. She went at it adding her unique original style to the scene with vivid color, details and humor. The painting is composed of dark gray with bold reds, blues and greens to contrast. 30"x40" acrylic on stretched canvas,

Garden Avenue “Garden Avenue”

This is a painting of Garden Avenue as the artist sees it walking from Cleveland Street, going into the Bank of America building in Downtown Clearwater. The cones are there because it was blocked off for window cleaning that day. The play of bright yellow against the pinkish bricks, whimsical bright cars in the street with the interesting perspective and space made her want to paint this one. The playful perspective and color combinations really set the mood for this cheery painting. It definitely holds to her style of more than enough there to recognize it but lots of leeway on the color and arrangement of things. 22"x28" acrylic on stretched canvas.