Mihaela Ivanova

Mihaela Ivanova

Location: Bulgaria

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Lives and works in Plovdiv..
1988 – graduated from Veliko Turnovo University St. Ciril and St. Methodius, Department of Fine Arts, specialising in Painting.
Since 1994 has had over ten solo exhibitions in Bulgaria.
2016 - Solo exhibition in GEDOK Art Gallery, Munich, Germany.
Participate in many national exhibitions and art projects in Bulgaria and in representative group exhibitions in Venice, Brussels, Vienna, Bratislava, Berlin.
Participate in many International Fine Art Workshops in Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Switzerland.
2001 - Prize for painting awareded by the Society of Plovdiv Artists
2012 - "Osem" Magazine Award in "Coloured Rays Of Light” Painting Competition
2016; 2012 - Allianz National Awards Nominee in painting
2016 - Artist in Residence of GEDOK, Munich
Her works are property of the State Art Galleries in Plovdiv and Kyustendil, Bulgaria, Contemporary Art Center in Osca, Hungary, The Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts - Nis, Serbia and private collections in Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Germany, Hungary, USA.


About my art

I am an artist who mainly paint landscapes trying to deriving the whole enchantment of the object of nature. The non-standard point of view and in the colour brought to conventionality are characteristic of my creative style. In my works shapes of nature are brought to allegory and symbolism. I explore the possible states of space and the possible existence in them, regardless of what is happening in reality.

In my paintings I always start with a specific natural motif. I strive to preserve the characteristic image that initially excited me. I am convinced that art is another reality that must reflect our thoughts, emotions and experiences. Therefore, in the process of creating the painting, I change the natural forms, emphasize the rhythm of the repetitive elements, reinforce the contrasts of light and achieve my philosophical and poetic generalization. The most important principles in my paintings are space and light.

I work in the classical techniques of oil painting and watercolor.

State II “State II”

65/81 Oil on canvas

Reflection II “Reflection II”

70/80 Oil on canvas

Shores I “Shores I”

73/92 Oil on canvas

Blissed Islands IV “Blissed Islands IV”

65/81 Oil on canvas