Diane Boer-henke

Welcome to my wonderfully quirky studio, the space, where I feel the most comfortable, to let my imagination wander.

My process is very spontaneous. I start with a basic idea or problem and work it out as I go along. This often gives me a result that even surprises me….ha ha! I do not start out with an extensive plan or drawing. I feel the best things in life are stumbled upon by accident. I find it interesting how my work becomes a result of a lifetime of experiences of emotion, humor and attitude.

As a kid, I was often scolded in school for daydreaming…and so here we are. Boredom, is never an issue with me, in a world with so much to ponder.

I like faces in general because they can express so much with just a twitch of a muscle, especially older faces. I feel they have the richest stories to tell.

If you are wondering about the golden glasses, a theme I repeat throughout my work, this is my comment about the “Golden Rule”. The concept that, if people treated each other the way they wanted to be treated, this world would be a wonderful place! So simple!!! I would like to promote this movement!
….Diane Boer/Henke


Boerworks Ceramics

This is a small example of my current work.
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Clock One Sided “Clock One Sided”

Beautiful bronze clock with cupid theme and wise old face. 10 1/2” tall.

Decanter Dark Brown “Decanter Dark Brown”

Spirit or oil decanter with removable head. 8” tall.

Camera Crew “Camera Crew”

Vintage super 8 camera with sharp crew of 3. 5” by 8”

Model T Tail lamp “Model T Tail lamp ”

Vintage Model T tail light refinished and fitted with a happy face to light your way. 9 1/2”

Decanter with Hand “Decanter with Hand”

Spirits and oil decanter with vintage model T cap. 14 3/4” tall.