Louise Parenteau

Louise Parenteau

Location: Canada

I studied fine arts at the University Of Québec In Montréal (1986-1991). I was involved in various artistic activities in which I took a strong stand against injustice, poverty, and social exclusion. My work took shape using different methods of research and observation. I articulated my artistic approach inspired by existential human sufferings. I created portraits of individuals with unusual physical traits, expressions, deformities, attitudes... These characters inspired me to use colour in contrasts and splashes. My aim was to express the life animating the characters by an internal light.
For my installations, I used a physical space to transpose socio-political situations and dramatic events. With the barest resources, my intention was to stimulate the interest of the viewer.
My material supplies: Acrylic, rubbish, wood, metal, rust, polystyrene panels, personal objects, used clothing, etc.

In 1995, I realized that I had reached limits with my artistic approach. I decided to have a period of questioning with the aim of going further in my research in terms of intention and expression. This process enabled me to explore, to experiment with different materials and to reposition myself using sculpture as my main form of expression.
Ever concerned politically and socially, I now use only recycled material. With pieces of scrap, bits of metal, chunks of wood found here and there on the streets and back-alleys of the city, used cloth, worn leather, old tools and nails, etc.... I create characters whose mixed structure gives free rein to the interpretation and the composition.
These materials question me; original and exclusive, they invoke the misery, suffering, distress and the joy they have known. I respect them in their integrity and I give them a new role to play. They become the support of my worries about the problems of our society.

With minimal treatment and expense, I improvise, assemble, and construct using materials which defy me, question me, inspire me and stimulate my creation.
My art is distinctive; an art which is raw and actual, without reference and without a particular technique.

Louise Parenteau, artist in visual arts



The sculptures are made only with scrap and recycled material.


Scrap material: Wood, metal, found objects.
H.: 139 cm


Scrap material: Wood, metal, rope, found objects.
H.: 212 cm

X “X”

Scrap material: Wood, metal, found objects.
H.: 162 cm

Sitting Bull “Sitting Bull”

Scrap material: Wood, metal, leather, found objects.
H.: 197 cm

Woman In The Stairway “Woman In The Stairway”

Scrap material: Wood, metal, found objects, acrylic.
H.: 140 cm
W.: 65 cm

The Lady Sings The Blues “The Lady Sings The Blues”

Scrap material: Wood, cloth, leather, metal, found objects.
H.: 55 cm