Janine Wilson

I consider myself an artistic explorer discovering different media, techniques and styles. When there is a technique and media I like, I develop a series. While I may eventually move on to something new, additions to the series appear occasionally like old friends.
Photography was my first visual art developed through my degree from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Painting is more immediate though and I like being immersed in the media which is often evident from the paint on my clothes! I started with watercolor and now also paint with acrylics.
I like repeating patterns, especially those caused by strong light and shadow. The repeating patterns seem to be a metaphor for life since the rhythm of our lives is shaped by our repeating behavior patterns. Shapes and how they relate to each other also interest me.
Originally from the Midwest, I feel lucky to be living in Albuquerque with a such a vibrant art community.


Cascading Colors

Elmer Schooley said “The brush is the least of my weapons.” As I explore different media and techniques, I feel the same way. This series of paintings is done primarily by pouring the acrylic paint and letting the colors interact with each other. I usually have a vision of what I want t o start with but there are always surprises. I did go in with a brush for some of these paintings such as skies of the mountain series.


Derived from architectural elements and shadows, these paintings are a reflection of my photographic background. Stairways, stacks of chairs, shadows are all possible inspirations. I print the photo and start eliminating and adding lines. Then I transfer the pattern to paper and paint the colors one at a time to move the eye around the painting.