Lolly Owens

Lolly Owens is a well-known and respected artist and teacher. Her classes and workshops are based on the work of Dean Nimmer. She is adept at demonstrating many techniques.

Owens grew up in Pittsburgh, PA with lots of alone time, paper and crayons. Her immigrant parents supported her effort to be the first in the family to attend university. She graduated with a BA from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, married, and had two children before settling into a career in non-profit publications and special events management.

While working, she studied art online, in evening classes at art centers and in week-long national workshops. She learned watercolor from Charles Reid, mixed media from Lisa L. Cyr and color from Stephen Quiller.

Owens is a signature member in the International Society of Experimental Painters and her paintings have been included in exhibits at the Foosaner Museum of Art in Melbourne, FL. and the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Coral Springs, FL.

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Works on Paper

A new series on 140# cold press water color paper 32"x 48" or 48"x 32" created since March, 2020 in mix media: such as watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels, graphite and hand made collage paper. The works are colorful memories or textured reactions to today's news and the need for strength, courage, gratitude, humility and, most of all ,love.
Owens' process involves traditional study, experimentation and meditation. This process allows her to understand that no language barriers exist in our intuitive awareness of love, humility, gratitude, peace, courage, joy and strength. That awareness is the focus of her expressive art. Sometimes revealed in odd human type characters or abstracted landscapes or flowers, these works vibrate in different lighting conditions and the same work can often be hung vertically or horizontally.

What the FU##!! “What the FU##!!”

We wear masks, we social distance, we limited activities, we no longer shake hands, we wash hands constantly and What the FU##!!

Girl with Bird “Girl with Bird”

Abstract memory of teaching my formerly cage bound parrot how to fly. I just could not teach her how to land!

Into the Garden “Into the Garden”

Joyful memory of all the gardens I have seen in my life and dedicated to all the women who have acted as a mother to me.

Buddha Walking “Buddha Walking”

Textured spirit in motion.

Broken Crayons Still Color “Broken Crayons Still Color”

Keep coloring your world. You are never alone so keep your spirits high.