Farah'z Arts

Farah'z Arts

Location: Australia

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Farah is a self taught artist who finds massive interest in abstract art and contemporary painting.
She is residing in Australia and currently perusing her PhD in the field of cancer research.
Painting is her hobby which she finds very relaxing. She unwinds herself through painting and indulge herself into a beautiful world of colours and imagination.

Please visit her page for getting a glimpse of her beautiful artworks.
All of her artworks have been officially recorded in the National Registry of Australian Art and Artists with a unique National Registration Number.
For orders and commissions, contact via email or Instagram/Facebook page.

Email: farah.s.azmi@gmail.com

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Farah'z Arts N Crafts

Please visit her Instagram or Facebook page for more beautiful artworks.

Joy in Blue “Joy in Blue”

Acrylic on Canvas

Northern Lights “Northern Lights”

Acrylic on Canvas