Igor Marceau

Igor Marceau

Location: France

Igor 's sunsname the Valbonne's Van Gogh, is a half french and russian painter, who's live near Cannes in south of France.
International artist,igor have many success in Holland where the Dutch state had bought
him paintings.many hôtels in usa have "giclees"of this artist (happy holidays)
He had rent his paintings to a french movies on TV, "sous le soleil" (action in St Tropez) and had exhibitions in Holland,Denmark,norway and France. He live in a small Village,Valbonne (very poch place),near Cannes city of cinéma.
He had never come in USA for the moment.
Igor Marceau is a singular artist to know.
He open a new studio gallery with antics,next year on Mallorca island,on a very charming and poch village of North coast. Pollença 's name.


Peintures d'Igor

Acryls on lin canvas.
Paintings for sale.
Famous french painter.

Le Suquet à Cannes “Le Suquet à Cannes”

Best view on Cannes city of film festival,from centre hélio marin

Cannes Sensei Festival “Cannes Sensei Festival ”

On Cannes Palm beach on september 2021.

Biot, à l'ombre des cèdres de St Julien “Biot, à l'ombre des cèdres de St Julien ”

On the top of a Hill , the oldest village of Biot near Antibes.cote d'azur. France

Cosmic night in Cap d'Antibes “Cosmic night in Cap d'Antibes ”

After a very hot summer day in Garoupe beach,thé evening is coming with a red sky mixt with tower lightning.
Size 40X120. 2021

St john's day,in St John church “St john's day,in St John church ”

Small st john's church in pont du Loup, near an old papetry.
Cote d'azur.france .

For sale

Paintings for sale.before my living for spain,and Isla Mallorca.