Richard Heley

Artist, poet, storywriter, songwriter. UK poetry slam champion. Painted 60+ murals interactively with children. Like to paint, draw, make sculpture. Unique style. Studio in London, UK


Wild and wonderful

The wild and wonderful, colourful, surreal, spiritual paintings dropping out of me lately.

As we would wish “As we would wish”

I hear about pollution, solutions, indeptedness, forgiveness, expediance, deliverance, consumerisn, buddhism, pragmatism, masochism, umbrells, deep cellars and smalltime bandits on the lookout for losers. So I paint the world as I would wish.

The gardener under house arrest “The gardener under house arrest”

We are being prepared for transitions, undergoing a transfer of power to a global governance system, redefining the agenda, reprogramming human consciousness, being prepared for submission, under house arrest. Meanwhile the garden can only grow older.

Awakening “Awakening”

Small boy awakens to the delights, joys, sorrows and expansion of existence.

The river carry me there “The river carry me there”

There are roads that we travel and paths that we cross
The beauty of childbirth, the sorrow of Loss
But I know there's an oceon of freedom
The river carry me there.

Slam poetry “Slam poetry”

I love slam poetry and drawing.