Fuensanta R.urien

Fuensanta R.Urien

Location: France

Degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication of the Basque Country. Interested in photography I collaborated with several information journals. I went to live in Bayonne, a town in the south of France, where I studied different plastic arts courses for several years at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Pays Basque. There I discovered the beauty of oil painting. I am currently studying the 1st year of Art History at the UNED.
Member of the Vizcaya Artistic Association and The Rolling Thunder Gallery BETA Pictoris Bilbao.
Between brushes my mind rests.
I recreate in my works places that surround me, urban landscapes, marine, natural. It is important to find and choose the moment, that instant that my eyes see, ephemeral, stopped in time, trapped between pigments, will remain intact, unforgettable.
Creating a dialogue between the work and its viewer, the painting and the observer, fascinates me. Maybe that search for reality and color could define my work as Contemporary Realism. Maybe, in the end, what remains is that I like to paint. So simple and easy.



oil on canvas