Greg Cliffe

Greg Cliffe

Location: Australia

I began practicing and exhibiting as a painter in 1989. Previously, he had been trained and regularly exhibited in Sydney as a sculptor/installation artist after studying at Alexander Mackie CAE in the 1970s. Greg completed a Master of Arts in painting at UWS in 1999. At this point his work evolved to embrace the concept of totalized time and the stratification of memory. His recent work has been focused on the significance of location, my family history and social history through more traditional genres and techniques such as landscape, still life and portraiture. His painting technique evolved from linear expressionist landscape paintings in the 1990s to collaged compositions of family, location and social history in Alkyd mediums to my more recent traditional solvent-free oil painting processes used by the great Baroque masters, C19th Romanticists and Pre-Raphaelites.



In the series "Groupthink" I sought to examine the nature of group behaviour across a range of sub-cultures and social environments. The paintings on canvas and paper focus on sporting, business, recreational and leisure milieus which appear mundane and benign, but reveal recent change in cultural and social values, family behaviour and human relationships.

Nothing Personal “Nothing Personal”

Oil, ink and pastel on primed water colour paper. Framed.

Sex and the Circus_Cliffe “Sex and the Circus_Cliffe”

A satirical artwork from the Series "Groupthink" examining the nature of moralistic hypocrisy in contemporary society and media. The work parodies celebrity and the commodification of sex.

Faith, Hope and Enmity “Faith, Hope and Enmity”

This figurative narrative is about the change in family and social values over generations. I am attempting to make everyday life an archetypal reflection on human behaviour. This work combines memories from different times, places and families to examine the human traits of greed, envy, betrayal and devotion. Art in The Mountains Painting Section winner 2000.

Whysteria in St Germain “Whysteria in St Germain”

Oil painting inspired by my stay in Paris in 1984 and the current state of siege in the Western World.

Sunday Hit and Miss “Sunday Hit and Miss”

Sunday Hit and Miss is a combination of memories of social cricket and a reflection upon over-competitive behaviour. Finalist Hawkesbury Art Prize 2014.

Dance Party “Dance Party”

Humorous reflection on the Dance Party craze.